Relax into your being…

Opening to Health invites students and clients to empower themselves in healing, energizing and deepening their connection to the body, mind and heart.  A combination of ongoing classes in Qigong (Qi Gong, Chi Gong, Chi Kung) and Meditation, as well as workshops, private instruction & one-on-one healing sessions are taught and conveyed in a non-competitive, compassionate environment.

Oliver Wilson has been enthusiastic about sharing and teaching  practices that improve health and wellness since 1998.  These arts have been a central part of his personal healing and health regimen (and play).  He hopes that you connect with something that feeds and fuels you on your path!

Upcoming classes/gatherings at a glance: (see Classes/Workshops for more info)

Classes resume in August/September 2018.  Private instruction is still available for the summer in Qigong, Neigong and Taoist Meditation.

Saguaro Full Moon


Benefits of Qigong can include:

images-1 Relaxation

images-1 Releasing Stress


images-1 Improved Balance

images-1 Enhanced Circulation

images-1 Strengthened Immunity

images-1 Clearing Stagnant/Blocked Energy

images-1 Lowering Blood Pressure

images-1 Increased Energy

images-1 Feeling more Connected to Yourself, Body and Energy

Benefits of Meditation can include:

images-1 Relaxation

images-1 Releasing the Deeper tensions in the body

images-1Stilling and Quieting the Mind

images-1Clearing Toxic Emotions

images-1 Awakening & Implanting Positive Emotions/Qualities

images-1 Bringing in more Light

images-1 Finding a Deeper Peace

Gift Certificates are available for classes, space clearing, private instruction and 1-on-1 healing sessions.